3 Palms Project
The building of a Passive House / LEED Platinum Home on the beach in California.

Three Palms is a passion project promoting the philosophy of green living and the green lifestyle….

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“Real Green” provides viewers an up-close and personal view of how to become green in their daily lives
About 3 Plams
Introducing 3Palms, a Model for Green Residential Building on the beach in Southern California.
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Episodes of “Real Green” will feature the design and construction
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Visit the Project Page see details and photos from conception to project completion.


Hello, and welcome to 3 Palms Project. This web site is all about the building of my new Platinum LEED certified, and Passive House in Ventura County, California.

I’m fortunate to have assembled a great team of professionals to build my family’s ”green” beach house. Architecture, design, engineering, construction, etc. In this column over the next year, my team and I will present details of the project from our specific points of view. We will describe the concerns, ideas, and limitations that went into the decisions we made. What green aspects were implemented, and what compromises were made and why.

3 Palms Project Closing Statement

3 Palms Project is now complete. Over five years of work and dedication on the part of our team and owners has resulted in a project we may be proud of and a finished home to be enjoyed.

We began this journey of discovery in 2008 when Bryan Cranston and his wife Robin Dearden assembled a team of designers and builders prepared to work closely together toward the goal of producing a Platinum LEED home of exceptional quality and design. 3 Palms Project would become a laboratory of green design and building. Design innovation, research, and at times, experimentation, would be our charge. From the largest decisions regarding building type, to the smallest details of construction assemblies, we worked together to arrive at innovative and sustainable solutions.

Credit must be given where it is due and here there is a long list. Sufficed to say that everyone involved with 3 Palms Project gave their best and may now be proud of their participation and work sharing in the accolades received for the finished product.

Our management and construction team at Allen Associates Builders along with their skilled staff of craftsmen and women, all of the remarkable sub-contractors who gave of their knowledge and expertise, our generous Partner-Suppliers who made available their best products, materials, technical support and many resources, our marketing professionals at KNB who coordinated the relationships between our many Partner-Suppliers, our builder and the press, and everyone from delivery truck drivers to the CEO’s of our Partner-Supplier companies who participated in 3 Palms Project, we owe you all a great deal of thanks.

For my part, as Project Designer, I think I value most the many collaborative relationships developed over the course of my work on 3 Palms. To design and construct a project of the layers and complexity of 3 Palms requires teamwork, communication, perseverance and trust. From the close design collaboration that Bryan and I shared emerged a singular, assertive, sustainable design. I am very pleased with the result. My hope is that the documentation of 3 Palms Project will aid and inspire green minded owners, designers and builders in their own projects and that Bryan, his family and friends, will long enjoy the home we have created together.

John Anthony Turturro,
Project Designer, 3 Palms, 2013