KNB Associates

The Team

KNB Associates, LLC brings project owners and product manufacturers together to solve the objectives of both. With the 3Palms project, owner Bryan Cranston recognized that product selection would be critical to achieving his goals. “When my wife and I embarked on this journey, we realized very early on that we needed help navigating through the maze of green materials and products. That’s when we brought KNB onto the team. We’re glad we did.”

KNB has provided Bryan and 3Palms with products and brand selections that fit his specific project requirements. KNB has broad relationships with green product manufacturers in virtually every building category, from concrete to furniture. These companies have developed products that are both sustainable and aesthetically pleasing, while advances in technology and a wider market acceptance have significantly reduced costs for going “green”. This was not always the case, and manufacturers find challenges in overcoming widely held green building misconceptions such as higher costs, fewer product options and limited design choices.

KNB helps manufacturers confront these misconceptions through multiple marketing initiatives involving projects like 3Palms. In the case of 3Palms, KNB has developed a variety of marketing and business development opportunities for Sponsor manufacturers that includes both business to business and consumer facing components. Project tours, on-site demonstrations to the trade, media and press opportunities, and inclusion into a nationally syndicated television series, Real Green, can be utilized to convey the manufacturer’s green product attributes. The consumer is the real winner in the green building process, with cost effective, sustainable and environmentally responsible products in a greater array of design choices than ever before.